Though it seems most of the town is against him, some residents offer their support.

"If the community knows that a person has the virus, then I feel they shouldn't shun him. They can speak to him, but they don't have to go and have sex with him and they don't have to drink after him or anything like that," one woman says. "They can speak to him and not shun him and put him in a closet like they did back in the old times."

"I really feel like there should be some type of center set up for the AIDS victims. A lot of the AIDS victims are out on the streets. It could be their choice if they would like to go to that center. They would have someone with the same problem that they could speak with, so they could go to the center if they would like to," another woman says. "He shouldn't be treated the way he's being treated. That's not fair."


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