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Treatments like Botox, dental veneers and Lasik surgery are helping women look younger and feel fabulous. "But if that's not for you or you can't afford it, you can still turn back the clock," Oprah says.

When Judy found out two years ago that her husband was having an affair, she says she knew her life was about to change. "I felt like I had been hit by a truck. I was broken-hearted, overweight and terrified at the thought of living alone," she says.
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Instead of crumbling under the stress of the changes in her life, Judy used the moment as a catalyst for self-reinvention. "I decided to try to heal myself, so I began meditating, working out and eating healthier," she says. "In doing so, I discovered an inner joy I never knew existed."

Judy combined meditation and visualization into her exercise routine and went from a size 18 to a size 8. "I really had to pull myself together because I realized you can lose all the weight you want, but if you don't feel beautiful on the inside, you will not exude beauty," she says. "They go hand in hand."
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Leslie is a 55-year-old mother of three who felt her life unraveling just six years ago. At 49, she decided to leave her job as a successful magazine editor to open her own soup shop. "Two days before the grand opening, my husband of 22 years told me he was leaving our marriage. I thought my world had come undone," she says. "It turned out to be a gift, and a world of possibilities opened up before me."
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When her husband broke the news that he was leaving her, Leslie says that even though it hurt, she picked herself back up quickly. "I literally couldn't breathe. I couldn't get air into my lungs," she says. "But I am the poster girl for possibilities. I'm not going to spend one day under the covers."

Talking about her situation was Leslie's strategy for accepting it. "I wasn't ashamed of my reality," she says. "I told everybody, and that helped me. It brought people into my world."

Leslie has since lost 50 pounds. "I was on the divorce diet," she says. "I went to the gym for three reasons—because it helps you get fit, because it makes you feel strong and because when you feel strong, you are strong."   

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