Jamie, Hilary and Chris

Only one show in history has been allowed to broadcast from the set of the Kodak Theatre, home of the Academy Awards®: The Oprah Winfrey Show! For the second year in a row, the winners stopped by to chat just hours after accepting their awards. Not only did best actor, Jamie Foxx, and best actress, Hilary Swank, stop by, but so did first-time Oscar® host Chris Rock.

Oprah: Hilary, you've had one Oscar® before. Did your life change afterward?

Hilary: You know, not really. Obviously there's this respect that happens, but I'm the same girl that walks my dogs and cleans up after my bunny and does my laundry.

Oprah: What do you think is going to happen, Jamie?

Jamie: I already know what's happening for me. When I walked to the little screening that I had [after the ceremony], it was all of the brothers and all of the homies. I walked in with that trophy and it was literally, like, "Yo, dog, let me hold that." And they were taking pictures with it and it was like they didn't want to take pictures with me at all.

Oprah: This is an opportunity to reach the world, in a way, in a moment in time. Did you feel that for yourself?

Chris: Yeah, it's weird. I got calls when I was driving here. Ireland called. My booking agent said, "We've got to do Europe right now!"...Jude Law jokes don't work everywhere, but when you talk about men and women and relationships—it's all over the world. Every woman in Ireland is mad her husband doesn't spend enough time with her and the kids.
Fabulous foursome in the limo

What do a chicken farmer, a labor and delivery nurse, a waitress, and a college student who just finished cancer treatment have in common? These four lucky viewers had the Oscar® weekend of their wildest dreams!

It all started with fantasy makeovers from Jessica Simpson, Ashanti and Lara Flynn Boyle! Then the fabulous foursome were surprised with a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Hollywood, where they kicked off the Oscar® weekend at the restaurant Chi, co-owned by Justin Timberlake.

On Sunday, after getting properly glammed up, it was off to the Kodak Theatre. Only steps from the red carpet, our fab four had VIP seats to watch the ultimate parade of stars. Later, our four lucky ladies and their guests attended Esquire magazine's Oscar® party at The Abbey. Jennifer Love Hewitt and Chris Pratt hosted the event, which benefited AIDS Project Los Angeles.

To end their star-studded weekend, our four viewers walked the red carpet at the extremely exclusive Vanity Fair Oscar® party.
Jordan gets ready

Recently, Ashton Kutcher went on a special date and our cameras were there to capture the whole thing! It all started when Ashton came to The Oprah Winfrey Show in February for the first time to help make one of his fans' wildest dreams come true.

Jordan, one of Ashton's biggest fans, suffers from a rare eye disease that is slowly causing her to go completely blind. Jordan and her mother thought they were on The Oprah Winfrey Show for a segment about amazing teens. Instead, 15-year-old Jordan had her dream of meeting Ashton come true.

But it wasn't over yet for Jordan. After the show, Ashton made her wildest dream even wilder—he invited her to the L.A. premiere of his new movie, Guess Who!

When they landed in Hollywood, Jordan and her mom got glammed up for the big night. Next, it was a limo ride through Tinseltown to the famous Mann's Chinese Theatre, where they got to walk the carpet.

Jordan even got a kiss from Chris Rock!
Ashton, Jordan and Demi

Ashton met Jordan on the red carpet for their big date to the movie premiere!

Ashton: What's going on? You look beautiful. You're not crying this time. I'm happy about that because I don't have to almost cry...You almost made me cry on national TV. I wish I would have known you were getting this dressed up—I would have done something with myself! Well, I want to thank Oprah for letting us do this and meet up again.

Jordan: I want to thank her, too. Thank you, Oprah.

Ashton: Thank you, Oprah. We appreciate it.

And after the movie premiere, Jordan hung out with Ashton and Demi Moore at the after party!