Debbie and Scott say they've received some criticism about their decision to adopt a child of another race from a foreign country. "Color doesn't matter, ethnic background," Scott says. "If there's children suffering, just because we're white doesn't mean we should just sit around and not do anything."

Debbie says she has been shocked to find that not everyone in the community is accepting of the decision to adopt a child of another race, but that she will teach Claire that love is colorblind. "Our goal is to teach her, as well as we've taught all of our children, just to love unconditionally," Debbie says. "It doesn't matter what the color of your skin. It doesn't change who you are."

Debbie and Scott have also received criticism because Claire's biological parents are still alive. "She was given up at a real early age, 1 year old, simply because the family could not provide for her. She was malnourished," Scott says. "So taking her out of that environment, even though she had biological parents, was the best thing for her."

Debbie and Scott say they will take Claire back to Haiti when and if she's ready to go. In the meantime, they keep a photo of her biological family next to her bed. "We just want to make sure that she constantly remembers her family," Debbie says. "Just to have them very present in her life as best we can."


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