With two grown children and one teenager at home, Debbie and Scott were nearly empty nesters when they decided to take a mission trip to Haiti. "We really weren't looking to adopt, period, and certainly not from Haiti," Scott says. "Claire was the first little Haitian girl that we saw, and our hearts just connected. It was really a surreal thing. We bonded, we fell in love, and at that point, we knew that there was a real future here with this little girl."

Three years after starting the adoption process, the earthquake hit. It took a week for Debbie and Scott to be notified that 7-year-old Claire was alive and healthy. "It actually sped things up," Scott says. "We probably still wouldn't have her if the earthquake hadn't have hit. But we were able to get her out through a humanitarian aid visa."

In January 2010, Debbie and Scott welcomed Claire into her new home.


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