On another episode of Intervention, Leslie, a mother of three, said she was once a social drinker who rarely had too many. During the first 40 years of her life, Leslie said she got drunk just nine times. Now, there are too many times to count.

At age 40 or 41, Leslie said she started drinking heavily and, over the years, became consumed by an alcohol addiction. "I had a girlfriend, and she'd come over in the afternoons and we would drink," she said. Within a year, Leslie was drinking several bottles of wine a day.

At first, Craig, her husband of many years, said he didn't know she was intoxicated. Then, he began to notice changes in her behavior. Craig and Leslie began arguing more often, and Leslie stopped doing the household cooking, cleaning and laundry. "Two of her friends came to me, and they told me that they thought Leslie had a drinking problem," Craig said. "I was shocked."

Leslie said she'd sometimes start drinking at 6 a.m. and keep going until 11 a.m., when she had to pick up her daughter, Margo, at preschool. The drinking escalated from there. When she hit rock bottom, Leslie was drinking two pints of vodka a day and chugging mouthwash to get drunk.


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