As Josh's weight increased, everyday activities became laborious tasks. He says it was hard to move, let alone exercise, and he was running out of options. "I tried the diets. I tried the pills. I tried going and doing water aerobics at the YMCA with the old ladies," he says. "I tried it all...I couldn't do it."

Diets weren't working, but Josh's family members and ex-girlfriend hoped inpatient rehabilitation might. Worried about his health and well-being, Josh's loved ones decided to team up with an intervention specialist and confront Josh in a hotel room. A&E's cameras filmed their emotional pleas. "As much as I love you, your eating scares me," said Rex, Josh's father. "You are following my footsteps at an earlier age."

After the intervention, Josh told his family he was ready to change. "I've lived like this for too long," he said. That day, Josh walked out of the hotel room and checked into rehab.


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