Barbara says Raymond had two guns on him at all times—one on his ankle and one on his waist. On the day of the shooting, Barbara says he only had one in the bathroom with him, sitting on the counter. When Barbara told him she didn't want to join him in Florida, she says he came at her with the gun. "He raised the gun and he aimed it at me, and he told me he was going to kill me," she says. "So I ran down the hallway, away from the bathroom. When I got into the bedroom, the other gun that he normally carried was laying there, and my thought was that I couldn't get out of the house without passing the bathroom, so I got the other gun and I came down the hallway with the gun in my hand." 

Barbara says she thought if Raymond saw a gun in her hand, he might back down. "I ran by the bathroom door, and as I ran by, he came at me with the gun he had, and I had no choice," she says. 

Barbara pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder, and her trial is set for the fall of 2009. She is currently out of jail on $1 million bond.


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