Though Barbara admits to shooting her husband, she says she shouldn't be sent to prison. "How could someone go to jail for defending themselves? But if I have to go to jail, then I'll be better off than where I was," she says. "And my children will be better off, and they're better off now."

Jennifer doesn't think her mother should be put in jail. "My mother is the nicest person that I've ever met," she says. "I'm so proud of her for what she did. She stood up for herself. God knows I might not be alive today if it was the other way around. Who knows who else he would have gone after." 

Jennifer says there is no part of her that misses her father. "My brother and I lived our lives in constant fear," she says. "My life is 150 percent better."

The Oprah Show contacted the district attorney's office for a comment about Barbara's case, but they are unable to comment at this time. 

Released from prison after killing her father


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