While Oprah's production crew was filming this update with Monica and her family at their home, a cameraman accidentally broke one of their chairs. Oprah insists on replacing Monica's she enlists the help of interior designer and fellow talk show host Nate Berkus!

Nate takes time out of his busy taping schedule to track down a replacement chair for Monica—and that's not all.

Nate says he wants to do something special for Monica because she's one of his biggest sources of inspiration. "Whenever I'm facing something, I think of your story, and I think of what you've meant—not just to everyone who watches this show, but everyone," Nate says.

Oprah and Nate call Monica's family to the stage to tell them they're not just replacing the broken chair. They're also joining forces to make Monica's dream come true. "No more renting," Oprah says. "No more teeny tiny apartment. No more little bitty bathtub. No more cabinets that you cannot open and using your 3-year-old to help you...because we are buying you your very first home!"

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