We asked Golan Cipel to respond to Jim McGreevey's account of the alleged relationship and Golan asked us to emphasize that there are two sides of the story and he sent us this statement. These are his words:

"I claim that Jim McGreevey sexually assaulted and harassed me and maintain that only after ongoing attempts to destroy my life and after he repeatedly threatened me, I finally found the courage to confront him and file a lawsuit against him, which I believe led to his immediate resignation. I strongly believe that in an attempt to cover up his acts against me, McGreevey, chose to lie and describe it as a 'consensual affair,' which of course it was not.

I deeply regret the suffering that Dina and Jacqueline have had to endure; they were in fact the main reasons why I didn't take legal action against Jim McGreevey for a long time. I did so only when I felt that my life was in danger.

I ask Dina and the viewers to read my website at www.cipelgolan.com and to learn more about my story.

In this terrible tragedy there is only one bad person to blame, and it is Jim McGreevey. All the rest are his victims."


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