Director Tom Ford made the leap from fashion to film with A Single Man. He directed, produced and paid for the film, but before he was the man behind the camera, he was a fashion phenomenon. He's credited with reinventing Gucci during his 10-year reign as creative director with provocative collections and ad campaigns. Five years ago, he launched his own label, and today there are 21 Tom Ford stores around the globe, making him fashion's billion-dollar man.

Tom says he was moved to make the switch because he was attracted to the enduring nature of movies. "Fashion is a reflection of where we are in contemporary culture, but it moves, moves, moves. It doesn't last," he says. "In film, you create a world that's forever sealed. It lasts forever. You can put in an old movie from the '30s and you're emoting and living and breathing with these people. And if you're someone who likes to design things, build things, create things, that's as close as you get to, you know, being God in our world, and it's permanent.


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