Colin says some of the time he spent filming is still a blur, since the entire movie was shot in just 21 days. "But Tom gives you the illusion of all the time in the world, even though you have very little," he says.

The one scene he does vividly remember shooting is the scene in which George gets the phone call telling him his partner had died. "That was the moment I'd just heard of the [2008 presidential] election results, and it's quite a moment for a visitor to be in this country for something as monumental as an election happening anyway, but that particular election with that kind of history being made, that information came through seconds before the camera rolled," he says. "I was feeling pretty uplifted, frankly. And then what Tom did, and this is his brilliance, is as I said, he will set a mood in motion, but then he got out of the room. ... He preferred spending time letting my imagination take over and develop than editorializing it himself."


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