Given all the success A Single Man has had since hitting the theaters, Colin Firth says people are surprised to hear he almost backed out at the last minute. "I was fascinated by Tom. I mean, this is not a man you easily bet against. Everything he's touched has turned to gold, really. And I just thought I didn't want to disappoint him," Colin says. "This was clearly a very personal project put squarely on my shoulders. There was all sorts of reason in my life when I thought—you know, I was fatigued, I'd been working a lot—I wouldn't go there. Then I suddenly thought: 'What an incredible leap into the unknown this will be. There's so many improbable things here. It's not a conventional story.'"

Colin says he was ready to send the email stepping down from the project when a repairman rang his doorbell to fix his refrigerator. "That was enough time for me to reconsider," he says. "It was just that pause before pressing send which can prove critical."


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