In April 2011, nine weeks after giving birth to Finn, Kris says she's feeling back to normal. "I didn't have to get up at night and take care of the baby," Kris jokes.

When Kris thinks back to what sparked this idea in the first place, she credits the vision board she put together after attending one of Sara's life-coaching sessions. "I think [the vision board] worked better because it was new to me," Kris says. "It was just intuitive, and I put together, cut out pictures of things that just kind of appealed to me at the time."

Kris included the phrase, "After menopause, women have a new choice," on her board. "At the time I wanted to cover up the word 'menopause' and put 'retirement' because I had recently retired, and I thought, 'I need to choose what I'm going to do now,'" Kris says. "So clearly I was not supposed to cover up the word 'menopause.'"

There were also photos of children and a silly, smiling ostrich on Kris' board. "I wanted to find something to do in my retirement that made me feel like that [ostrich]," Kris says. "[Something] that made me feel over the moon."


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