Six months into the pregnancy, Kris temporarily left her husband of 37 years in Virginia and moved to Chicago to spend more time with Sara and Bill. "We could have found medical support in the Washington, D.C., area, but I wanted the baby to be at home before he was born too," Kris says.

Although getting pregnant wasn't difficult, Kris found being pregnant exponentially harder than she remembered. "I was nauseated all the time, so it was hard," she says. "I was really tired."

One of the benefits of living in Chicago while carrying Sara and Bill's baby was that Kris didn't care how people reacted to her appearance. "I think the lucky part was I wasn't at home," Kris says. "People in Chicago didn't know me."

Kris says she decided not to tell many friends in Virginia either. "I was in early first trimester really before I left, and I wasn't showing when I was in Virginia. [So we told] a few friends that I see every day," Kris says. "They were pretty incredulous at first. ... Then they were worried."


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