Since Kris was in her 60s and 10 years into menopause, the odds were stacked against a successful pregnancy, but Dr. Coulam said she was willing to try. After testing to confirm Kris was in good health, Dr. Coulam gave Kris hormones, including estrogen, to prepare her body for pregnancy. "I didn't feel anything but the shots," Kris says.

Then, Dr. Coulam transplanted Sara and Bill's embryo into Kris' uterus. "Just waiting for that pregnancy test, I was trying to just surrender, but I couldn't really," Kris says. "I just wanted to be pregnant."

The good news came just eight days after the procedure—Kris was pregnant with Sara and Bill's baby! "We screamed, and we hugged, and we jumped around and then thought we shouldn't jump around," Kris says.


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