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Amy, 32, is a single mom who says she's not addicted to sex...she's addicted to relationships. "It's not about sex with me," she says. "It's about the intimacy or feeling close to someone or feeling needed."

When Amy goes out looking for a man, she says she's not looking for a sex partner—she's looking for a "life partner." She says she often would be happy to have a man hold her through the night, but she doesn't know how to say no to sex. "If I don't give in to that sex, then I feel like, 'What am I good for?'" she says. "I don't want to disappoint him. So I just go along with it, and I do it."

Although she can't remember the exact number, Amy estimates that she's slept with more than 70 men over the years. Since the birth of her son, however, she says she's refocused her energy from finding a man to raising a man.

"After I had my little boy, I have changed a lot," Amy says. "He my new addiction. He saves me. When I don't have him, then I'm out and I'm looking—not for sex, but for someone to hold me...someone to be with, someone to make me feel important and smart and beautiful."