Dr. Robin

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Dr. Robin Smith says the emotional issues Tracy and Jennifer are dealing with are not uncommon, and that they affect millions of women. "What you're really saying is, 'My soul is not here anyway. It feels like I'm already checked out. That's why I don't feel sex. I don't feel pleasure. I'm not really even here.'"

Tracy says her difficulty in understanding her self-worth stems from being made fun of as a child. "I used to be made fun of a lot," she says. "I was always taller than everybody else, I was a little skinny thing. They called me 'Jolly Green Giant.'" When she went to college, however, it was a new experience. "People liked me and they didn't call me names and I started meeting these guys, and I guess I never really thought that any guy would go home with me or would like me."

Dr. Robin asks Jennifer to rethink her definition of abuse. "The exposure to pornography as a child is absolutely a form of abuse," she says. "I want you to understand that when a child is exposed to pornography, when they're exposed to sexuality in an inappropriate way, it is a form of abuse because it robs you of your childhood."