Step 3: Talk Back to That Internal Dialogue

It's easy to say, "Face your uh-oh moment, take off your mask, and listen closely to the words you hear inside your head." It's not so easy to do when the words you hear shout, "You look old!" We know, and hopefully you know by now, that you're like millions of women who take a look at themselves and hear: "You look tired. You look terrible. Give up. Give in. Get your face done, a little of this, a little of that. It's at least a fix. Fix what? You look like your mother. You're invisible. Too visible, too old!" Maybe it's time we retort, "shush up" to the voices that get in our way. Listen to where these interfering voices originate. If you pay careful attention, you'll be able to hear that they most often come from your past. Sometimes they resonate with the voices we hear coming from the television or radio. Take hold of this dialogue and rewrite the script. You will always have conversations in your head. We all do, men and women alike. But you can create new lines with new roles that speak to you in a kinder and gentler tone. The words can come from your voice now rather than from those in your past. Speak up, loud and clear.


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