Step 2: The Only Mask You Wear Should Be Made of Honey and Yogurt!

This step is about coming out of hiding, from behind beliefs and actions that disconnect us from what we really feel. These behaviors can make us look truly unnatural (those lips!), sometimes downright silly (those tight cutoffs!) and certainly distract us (those overtime hours!) from dealing with real issues. We are much better off removing the inappropriate coverups and allowing our vulnerability to show instead. Only then can we learn our genuine feelings. And they are often less problematic than the masks that cover them. The reality is we are getting older, but "aging" doesn't have to be a dirty word. In other words, 40, 50 and 60 are just numbers, stages of life that don't have to—nor can they—be warded off. After all, what does 50 really look like today? It surely isn't the picture we have of our mothers or grandmothers. From our perspective, 50, 60 and older can look great if you take off your mask and let your face grow into becoming who you are. Masks are brittle. Masks are fake. Stop hiding, take a look and see what's coming. You are getting older, but you're going to be more than okay.


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