Now that Dr. Berman has talked Carmen and Shayla through their problems, it's time to put them each to work. Shayla has to face her intimacy issues that were brought on by her mother's death and her father's promiscuous behavior. Dr. Berman tells Shayla to write a letter to her each of her parents, who are now both deceased, to tell them about the anger and sadness she still feels toward them. Next, to combat Shayla's constant need to be in control, Dr. Berman prescribes a girls' night out—planned entirely by Shayla's friends.

See what happens on Shayla's night out with the girls! 

Lastly, Dr. Berman says Shayla needs to face the physical side of things. Shayla says she can handle a date, but when it comes to sex, she feels lost. Before she can know what to do with a man, Dr. Berman says she needs to figure out what to do to herself. Dr. Berman has one final assignment for Shayla: She tells her to try masturbating.

"You've got to love your vulva if you want anyone else to," Dr. Berman says. "And I know you don't know what a vulva is, but you've got to find out."


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