Do you think there's anything wrong with being 30 and a virgin? Some people might not think this is an issue, but for two women, it's become a big problem.

At 30 and 31 years old respectively, Shayla and Carmen have never been in love, have never been in serious relationships and have never had sex.

Both women say they wrote to The Oprah Show because they're ready for a change. "I have brick walls surrounding me," Shayla says. "I knew that I would have to confront a lot of the issues that kept me so closed. It's fear—fear to live, to love, to be vulnerable."

For the past month, Carmen and Shayla have been working with sex therapist Dr. Laura Berman, who says both women's issues run much deeper than sex. At the root, their issues are about fears that all women deal with—body image, broken hearts, being abandoned and being hurt, she says.

"It's not necessarily bad [to still be a virgin], and there are all sorts of reasons why women remain virgins," Dr. Berman says. "Some are because of religious or moral reasons. And some women are virgins at 30 and totally fine with that. But for these two, it wasn't okay."


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