In 2008, Oprah made a cameo appearance on Tina's sitcom 30 Rock. They shot their scene during the day, and Tina debuted her impersonation of Sarah Palin that same night. "I was in the dressing room trying to watch YouTube clips of Governor Palin, trying to learn how she talked," Tina says.

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Tina says impersonating Sarah Palin was one of the great joys of her career. "It was so fun because, one, I didn't even really work at the show anymore so I got to just come in on Saturdays," she says. "And I realized I'd done plays in Chicago; I'd been on improv teams where I was begging people to show up. I had never actually done anything people wanted to see. People actually wanted to see sketches about this lady. I remember trying to be in the moment and be like, 'Just enjoy this because this is crazy what's happening right now.'"

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