When Warrick Dunn was growing up, he saw the struggles of single motherhood up close. His mom, Betty, took care of him and his five siblings on a police officer's salary. When Warrick was 18, Betty was shot and killed while off duty, and he was left to help raise five siblings.

After excelling on the football field in college, Warrick was drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and became an NFL star, but he never forgot how he grew up. So the all-pro running back started Home for the Holidays, a charity that gives single mothers a down payment on a new home stocked with new furniture, computers, appliances and food.

In 2002, Warrick got a special thank-you from Bonnie, one of the single mothers he had helped. "Three months ago, I was a struggling mom, through a divorce that left me financially broke and unable to take care of my family on my own. I was living with my three daughters in this small apartment and struggling from paycheck to paycheck. The lowest point is when I did not have enough money to pay the power bill and my daughters and I had to live by candlelight," Bonnie told Warrick. "Because of Warrick's generosity, I'm able to be a better mom. Warrick, you have blessed so many single mothers and their children. Thank you."

In 2008, Warrick played his final season in the NFL, but his foundation is still going strong. They have expanded to help single dads, are about to make their 100th down payment and have given away about $3 million.


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