Oprah and Gayle's 11-day road trip across America was a hit with viewers everywhere, but just one hour into the trip, Oprah knew she was in trouble. That's when Gayle decided to play some car games to pass the time.

Look back on their road trip!

Gayle: Would you rather urinate though your nose or smell things with your genitalia? I think I might have to urinate though my nose. They're both bad...

Oprah: I'm not playing this game, Gayle.

Oprah has said on several occasions that their road trip was the worst experience of her life, but Gayle wants her to clarify once and for all that it had nothing to do with her. "No, it didn't have anything to do with you," Oprah says to Gayle. "I thought we'd be stopping at lovely little bed-and-breakfasts; I thought we'd wake up in the morning and somebody would have nice little muffins there. And it turned out to be an 11-day [trip] to get to the next thing, and you're on the interstate—you can't take the scenic route."


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