Tererai Trent

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The Woman Who Never Gave Up on Her Dream
As a young girl in rural Zimbabwe, Tererai Trent lived without running water and electricity. Although she was desperate to learn, she only attended two terms of school before she was forced to marry at age 11. In 1991, Tererai met a woman from Heifer International and told her what her greatest dream was: to move to America and get her PhD. The woman told her she should write her dreams down, so Tererai wrote them on piece of paper, placed them in a tin box and buried them under a rock. 

By 1998, her dream started to come true. Tererai moved to Oklahoma with her husband and five children. Just three years later, she earned a bachelor's degree in agricultural education. In 2003, Tererai obtained her master's degree. After every achievement, Tererai returned home to Zimbabwe, unearthed her tin of dreams and checked off each goal she accomplished, one by one. When Tererai appeared on The Oprah Show in December 2009, she had just realized her greatest dream of all: a doctoral degree.