Jacque Becomes a "Barker Beauty"
When Jacque told us her dream job was to win the ultimate jackpot as a "Barker Beauty" on The Price is Right, we told her to "come on down!"

It was the first time the game show let someone who wasn't in the business be a Barker Beauty. They had nothing to worry about—Jacque was a natural! She even got to call down an audience member as "the next contestant" on The Price is Right.

"Never in my wildest dreams when I thought about all the things I would do in my life would I have thought I would be part of The Price is Right," Jacque said. "I've never had anyone cheer for me before!"
Josh and Cher

Josh Meets Music Icon Cher
After learning about Josh's love for music superstar Cher—he even dresses up as her for fun—Oprah's team worked with his partner, Rob, to hook him up with tickets to see Cher in Las Vegas!

Watch Josh's reaction to the news! Watch  

After they landed in Vegas, Josh and Rob watched Cher take the stage in a fabulous Bob Mackie design. Suddenly, a spotlight shined down on Josh, and Cher called him down to the front row. "You getting here comes from Oprah, and you sitting here in these seats comes from me," she said. "Get your surprised ass down here."

After the final song, Josh was invited backstage to meet his idol. After years of emulating Cher, Josh got the chance to express his admiration. "You have been such an inspiration to me. You have made me feel so comfortable in my own skin, and you have allowed me to love myself," he said. "You have fed me that energy through your music, through your performances, through just being Cher."

Mona Goes to Sesame Street
In 2003, 29-year-old Mona wrote into The Oprah Show with an unusual request—her dream was to be on Sesame Street. Mona said the show was a big part of her life growing up, and she still watched it as an adult. It even inspired her career as a teacher. "I am who I am today because of Sesame Street," she said.

After a surprise phone call from Big Bird, Mona was told to pack her bags to go where the air is sweet: Sesame Street!

Mona met the whole gang: Elmo, Cookie Monster, Ernie and her favorite—Grover. "This has been the best day ever," Mona said.

Brenden Hangs with Shaquille O'Neal
When NBA star Shaquille O'Neal heard about Brenden, a 12-year-old with a genetic abnormality that causes him to keep growing, Shaq wanted to surprise him with the offer of a lifetime. "We're going to fly you and your family to Phoenix to a game," Shaq said. "You'll hang out with me, we'll ride around, go shopping, go to the mall. We'll just have fun, because I'm 12 years old also."

After the game, Shaq gave Brenden a backstage tour of the team's training and locker rooms. Next, Brenden and Shaq took his souped-up "Shaq-mobile" to a five-star dinner. The next day, Brenden was fitted for a new custom wardrobe designed by Shaq's personal tailor!

Since meeting Shaq, Brenden has learned to play basketball. "I just want you to do one thing," Shaq said. "Stay positive. Follow your dreams and just be happy, brother. You're tall for a reason. Trust me on this: The girls like tall guys."
James and The Temptations

James Performs with the Temptations
Ever since she was a little girl, Michelle has known all the words and all the moves to the Temptations' songs. That's because her father, James—the Temptations' biggest fan—would sing lead while she and her siblings sang backup!

James thought he was at The Oprah Show for a taping about tight-knit families, but surprise—the Temptations were here! The group performed some of their greatest hits and invited James up to the stage to help them sing "My Girl." He sang backup, danced the moves and just so happened to be wearing a purple suit, which matched the group perfectly!

Sherri Dances with the Rockettes
Sherri, a stay-at-home mom from California, always wanted to dance with the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes. "I've dreamed of being a Rockette my entire life," she said. "I'm 32 years old, and every time I see them I think back to when I was 5."

After attending Radio City boot camp to learn the Rockettes' famous kicks, Sherri donned their signature Christmas costume and took the stage for a live performance on The Oprah Show in 2002.

Jackie's Saturday Night Live Surprise
When Oprah Show producers got a letter about an inspirational 19-year-old named Jackie battling a rare form of cancer, they sprung into action.

Because Jackie loves improv, Gilda's Club???a cancer support network formed in the honor of Saturday Night Live cast member Gilda Radner, who died of ovarian cancer in 1989???made one of Jackie's dreams come true with tickets to a taping of SNL with host Justin Timberlake.

Still, Oprah and some very special friends from SNL wanted to do more. Cast members Andy Samberg, Kristen Wiig and Jason Sudeikis surprised Jackie onstage with more good news. "Aside from coming to the show, we're going to have you come hang out with us during the week while we rehearse and meet our host, Justin Timberlake," Andy said.

Jackie was nearly speechless. "Oh my!" she said.
Bernad LaChance

Bernard LaChance's Surprise
Using his entire savings, French Canadian singer Bernard LaChance decided to rent out the historic Chicago Theatre to make his American debut. All he wanted was two special guests in his audience: Oprah and Gayle. To get their attention, he posted a YouTube video telling Oprah and Gayle he had two seats saved for them. They heard his invitation loud and clear!

Watch Gayle surprise Bernard Watch

Gayle told Bernard that Oprah would be out of the country the day of his show. "Because she can't come to your concert, she would like to know if you would come on The Oprah Winfrey Show and make your American debut?" Gayle asked.

The night before Gayle surprised him, Bernard said he had all but given up. "I was crying in my room that night, and you showed up the next day," he said. After getting the chance to perform on Oprah's stage, he had renewed hope. "I just saw those 15 years of working paid off," he said.
Justin Timberlake and Julie

Julie's Justin Timberlake Surprise
Just three weeks before her daughter Julie's wedding, her mom wrote in to The Oprah Show to reveal details about Julie's first love???Justin Timberlake.

"Everyone who knows her, including her fianc??, knows that ever since she was 12, her first crush was Justin Timberlake. She's 26 now, but to this day, when she sees his picture or hears his name, she becomes a J.T.-crazy teenager again," Mom wrote.

With the help of Mike, Julie's fianc??, Julie was whisked away to Los Angeles for a day of golfing.

She thought she would be getting a lesson from a "golf pro." As cameras watch from afar, Julie found out who her instructor was: her lifelong crush, Justin Timberlake!

"He's the one person I always wanted to meet, and you always think about what you would do. How would you act? And that completely went out the window," Julie said. "I was in shock. It all happened so, so fast."

Cindy's Comedic Debut
Cindy, a mother of two, wrote us and said she was born to be a stand-up comedian. Cindy had no warning when Oprah Show producers showed up at her house and told her she was going to try out her comedy routine on The Tonight Show—that same night!

Cindy made her Hollywood debut with Jay Leno and killed it onstage.

"It was an incredible journey," she said. "I worked on it for 15 years, and I feel now, because of this, anything's possible!"