A sexy and engrossing read, this book tells the tale of one of the most enthralling love affairs in the history of literature—but you'll have to decide for yourself which couple is involved! Use our discussion questions, quizzes, character journeys and plot points to uncover the meaning of family and love in 19th-century Russia.
About Anna Karenina 
It was the "Harlequin Romance" of its day. See why Leo Tolstoy—who had been writing for two decades—called this book "the first novel I have written."

Discuss Amongst Yourselves
With a book like this, you'll never run out of discussion topics in your book club! Stimulate your thoughts and kick off your Anna book conversations with questions about each part of the book.

Plot Points 
Families and how they relate forms the cornerstone of Anna Karenina. Want to double check something you've just read? Use our summaries of every part of the book to help guide your way through this passionate love affair. 

Your Quick Guide
Get character descriptions at a glance, plus a place to jot down notes as you read—all on one great bookmark! Download it today.

Follow Anna's Journey
She's the book's namesake and the woman we've all been waiting to meet—the complex and intriguing Anna Karenina. Then, get more insight on your other favorite characters.

Get to Know Leo Tolstoy
He's one of the most lauded authors of all time. Learn more about this man of contradictions. 

Art Imitating Life
Discover the real life courtship of Leo and wife Sonya—and how he incorporated it into Anna Karenina. Get the facts about one of the most dramatic marriages in literary history. 

Tackle the "Woman Question"
The place of women in society was hotly debated during Tolstoy's time. See how he contributed to the debate and what did he thought of his female characters.

Anna's Many Faces
Discover three of the most popular and lasting of the genres found in the novel. Like a certain take on Anna? Find out what you should read next. 


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