In the quest to build the greatest Gothic cathedral ever known, a struggle between good and evil erupts, turning church against state and brother against brother. An international best-seller and Oprah's Book Club pick, The Pillars of the Earth weaves together timeless themes of love, loss, pride, humility, ambition and revenge—all set against the facinating background of the Middle Ages.

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Making the Movie The Pillars of the Earth
Go behind the scenes of the miniseries The Pillars of the Earth, premiering on Starz July 23. Get an insider's look through Ken Follett's blogs from the set, learn who's who in the grand cast of characters and watch exclusive videos featuring producer Ridley Scott, author Ken Follett and the cast and crew. Be a part of the movie magic!

Cathedral Building Basics
Cathedrals are some of the most intricate works of art ever created. Built by countless men over decades, there are many pieces to these architectural puzzles. Take a look at a floor plan and browse the glossary of building terms we've been reading about. Don't miss Ken Follett's blog on the importance of cathedrals in The Pillars of the Earth!

Family Tree—Spoiler Alert!
From the brotherhood of Kingsbridge Priory to a determined cathedral builder's family, start investigating this epic's family tree. Plus, meet the cast of characters bringing this best-selling novel to life.

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Since he first made the best-sellers list with Eye of the Needle in 1978, Ken Follett has gone on to sell approximately 90 million books throughout his career. Read the author's biography.

Oprah's Interview with Ken Follett
Move over, Tom Builder! Meet the real architect behind Kingsbridge. Ken Follett reflects on his humble start as a struggling reporter, what a typical writing day is like and how he dreamed up his medieval masterpiece. Read Ken Follett's blog and learn what it was like to turn his book into a movie.

The Inspiration Behind The Pillars of the Earth
Ken Follett has made a career of keeping readers at the edge of their seats with his suspenseful spy thrillers. So what made him write about cathedrals in the Middle Ages?

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The show's over, but the cameras don't have to stop rolling... Ken Follett has an after-the-show chat with an audience full of The Pillars of the Earth fans. 
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Can't get enough of Kingsbridge? Start World Without End tonight! The next chapter picks up 200 years after The Pillars of the Earth left off, and Kingsbridge is once again caught in a web of love, hate, ambition and revenge.


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