As a child, Calliope Stephanides never felt like other girls her age. On the road to self-discovery, family secrets are exposed and an astonishing genetic history is uncovered.

About the Book
Middlesex is a story about what it means to occupy the unnamed middle ground between male and female, Greek and American, past and present. Learn more!

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Start at the very beginning of the epic journey of Calliope's Greek-American family. Read part of the first chapter.

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In Middlesex, Cal is on a quest for the truth. Embark on your own journey for answers with your book club! Get the conversation rolling with discussion questions from each section of the book.

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Meet the Author
He began with best-seller The Virgin Suicides and went on to win the Pulitzer Prize for Middlesex. Read Jeffrey Eugenides's bio.

Author Q&A
Jeffrey Eugenides answers your questions about his quirky character names, Greek myths and more in Middlesex. Read them all, plus get the inside scoop on his next book.

The Oprah Interview
How much of Middlesex is autobiographical? How long did it take Jeffrey Eugenides to write the book? Where was he when he found out he won the Pulitzer Prize? Oprah sits down with the man behind Middlesex! Then, watch exclusive Q&A video with the author.

Jeffrey Eugenides: After the Show
The conversation kept going after the show was over! Jeffrey Eugenides answers questions from an audience full of Middlesex readers. Watch him talk more about The Obscure Object, reading the book as a man or a woman, and more.


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