Screenplay written by William Faulkner
Starring Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart
Directed by Howard Hawks

Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall made screen history together more than once, but they were never more popular than in this 1946 adaptation of Raymond Chandler's novel. Bogart plays private eye Philip Marlowe, who is hired by a wealthy socialite (Bacall) to investigate troubles surrounding her untamed young sister (Martha Vickers). William Faulkner wrote the notoriously complicated detective-style screenplay.

Although Faulkner didn't consider himself to be any good at writing screenplays, not everyone agreed. Director Howard Hawks, who collaborated with Faulkner on many films, said that Faulkner revealed "inventiveness, taste, and great ability to characterize the visual imagination, to translate those qualities into the medium of the screen."
Sources: One Matchless Time: A Life of William Faulkner by Jay Parini;


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