Announced September 25, 1998
About the Book
Now, after more than a decade of elegant pleasures and luxe living, Ava has come home, her fabulous career and power plans smashed to bits on one dark truth... Ava Johnson has tested positive for HIV.

And she's back in little Idlewild to spend a quiet summer with her widowed sister, Joyce, before moving on to finish her life in San Francisco, the most HIV-friendly place she can imagine. But what she thinks is the end is only the beginning — there's too much going down in her hometown for Ava to ignore. There's the Sewing Circus — sister Joyce's determined effort to educate Idlewild's young black women about sex, drugs, pregnancy, whatever… despite the interference of the good Reverend Anderson and his most virtuous, "just say no" wife. Plus Joyce needs a helping hand to make a loving home for Imani, an abandoned crack baby whom she's taken into her heart. And then there's Wild Eddie, whose legendary background in violence combined with his Eastern gentility has stirred Ava's interest… and something more.


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