How to Write Your Own Review
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1. How did this book touch your life? Can you relate to it on any level? What do you believe is the message the author is trying to convey to the reader?

2. Describe the character development in I Know This Much Is True. How does Wally Lamb use language and imagery to bring the characters to life?

3. In your opinion, is the book entertaining? Explain why or why not.

4. What did you learn from this book? Was it educational in any way?

5. In conclusion, summarize your reading experience with I Know This Much Is True. What grade would you give this novel?

6. If you enjoyed this book, what other books would you recommend to fellow readers?

Above all else, have a good time putting your thoughts and opinions down in print! The best reviews are those that you would like to listen to or would give a friend.

Featured Review
Posted by tommyboy10: I Know This Much is Brilliant

This book blew me away. The main character goes through so many tragedies that you wonder if he—or anyone for that matter—could go on. ... I can't say enough about this book or Wally Lamb I truly believe that he is one of the best writers in the world today.


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