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" never grapples with anything less than life's biggest questions.... Lamb clearly aims to be a modern-day Dostoyevsky with a pop sensibility."
— New York Times Book Review

"... the novel quite deliberately assumes a darkly fated dimension that transforms an un-happy working-class New England family into mythic world archetypes. You may wish that its structure were sleeker and its resolution less tidy, but you couldn't ask for a more beguiling summer read." B+
— Entertainment Weekly

"Wally Lamb can lie down with the literary lions at will: he's that gifted.... This novel does what good fiction should do — it informs our hearts as well as our minds of the complexities involved in the 'simple' act of living a human life."
— The Tennessean (Nashville)

"Crib death and schizophrenia would hardly seem the building blocks of great fiction, but those are exactly what Lamb makes them in this follow-up to his bestselling first novel, 1992's She's Come Undone. Lamb's new work is a gratifying saga of loss and redemption."
— Amy Waldman for People Magazine

"Mr. Lamb gives his vociferous heroine truly heroic proportions, in "... readers looking for the qualities Winfrey and her viewers seem to love best – accessible, heart-felt, family-oriented fiction that's easy on the brain – will not be disappointed."
— Elizabeth Gleick, Time MagazineReview

"If Lamb's touch is heavy when it comes to Dominick's self-awareness, the author also has a way of letting his character's simpler emotions speak for themselves; accordingly, we root for Dominick as he gropes from anguish to peace, and this, in the end, is what ultimately keeps us engaged. It may not obscure the novel's considerable weaknesses, but it is a substantial compensation.
— The Los Angeles Times Sunday Book Review, Jean Hanff Korelitz


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