About the Author
"I wanted certain kinds of books, and since they weren't available, I would write them. I wrote Sula so that I could read it when I got through." — Toni Morrison

Her work is larger than life, bigger than the pages on which it is written. It's the type of writing readers relish and critics applaud. Her words are so perfectly formed that other writers weep.

"Her stories are fiction, but nowhere will you find greater truths about life. She laid the foundation of my love for reading, and for all those who asked the question, 'Toni Morrison again?' with my fourth selection of her work, I say with certainty there would have been no Oprah's Book Club if this woman had chosen not to share her love of words with the world." — Oprah

Toni Morrison has received nearly every writing award possible, culminating in her being awarded the Nobel Prize in 1993.


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