About the Book
A parable of German guilt and atonement and a love story of stunning power, The Reader is also a work of literature that is unforgettable in its psychological complexity, its moral nuances and its stylistic restraint. Announced on February 26, 1999

SchlinkAbout the Author
  After his German upbringing, Bernhard Schlink has written several prize-winning mystery novels, including international bestseller The Reader. Meet the author.

Q&A with Bernhard Schlink Bernhard Schlink shares with Oprah.com his thoughts on Kate Winslet's Oscar®-winning performance and provides insight to his stunning novel.

Newspaper and briefcaseBook Reviews for the Reader 
See what the The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and others had to say about The Reader.

Toni MorrisonBernhard Schlink's Favorite Books
Some of Bernhard Schlink's favorite reads have been those he had never previously heard of, including Toni Morrison's Beloved and Pat Barker's Resurrection

GroupDiscussion Questions 
Join the conservation! Form a reading group and use these questions to help your reading along and delve deeper into The Reader. 

Printable Discussion Questions
Don't leave home with 'em! Enjoy printable discussion questions to keep on-hand.

Kate Winslet and David KrossPreview of the Movie Watch 
Watch a preview of the Miramax Film starring Kate Winslet, Ralph Fiennes and David Kross and directed by Stephen Daldry. 

Q&A with David Hare 
David Hare, writer of the screenplay of The Reader, shares his thoughts on adapting a beloved novel and what audiences can learn about postwar Germany.


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