Part 6: 1170–1174
Over the years, Kingsbridge has grown into a prosperous city that is bigger, busier and wealthier than Shiring. Sheriff William arrives at Kingsbridge on Easter for the consecration of the breathtaking new cathedral. There, he spies Jack and Aliena with their children in church and feels that everything they had should have been his.

Bishop Waleran also attends the service and notices Jonathan, now 30, has been appointed sub-prior of Kingsbridge. Waleran thinks Jonathan is Philip's biological son, and he and William accuse Philip of fornication and nepotism at the ecclesiastical court. The church takes the accusations seriously and sets up a trial in Kingsbridge. Philip is confident his innocence will be proven—until he discovers his old adversary, Peter of Wareham, will preside. If found guilty, Philip worries Waleran will recommend his choice for prior and destroy everything he worked for at Kingsbridge. Waleran stands to gain much from Philip's downfall, especially since his ally King Henry is in dispute with the archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Becket, who is in exile in France.

Philip's only hope is finding Jonathan's true father. He tells Jonathan that Tom Builder and his family were passing through St.-John-in-the-Forest when he was born. Joanathan approaches Jack to see if he remembers anything about the time of his birth. Jack connects Jonathan to the infant he and his mother found in the woods and reveals that Jack's father was Tom Builder. Jack's testimony will help Philip, but they need Ellen to prove beyond a doubt that Philip is innocent.

Just as Philip begins his defense at trial, Jonathan, Jack and Ellen interrupt and declare that Tom Builder fathered Jonathan. When Waleran accuses her of lying, Ellen accuses him of being a perjurer and exposes the role Waleran played in the death of Jack Shareburg.

The court is shocked, and Remigius speaks out, confirming the story. Peter of Wareham adjourns the court, and Waleran leaves quickly, ignoring Jack's questions. More plot points...

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