a city of present day Israel, in the northwest, on the Bay of Haifa, an inlet of the Mediterranean Sea

harangued: to deliver a long pompous speech, especially one delivered before a gathering

Hasidic: pertaining to a Jewish sect of the second century B.C. opposed to Hellenism and devoted to the strict observance of the ritual law

Hasidism: a movement of Orthodox Judaism with strong mystical and emotional elements that developed among Eastern European Jews in the 18th Century. (Hasid: a member of the movement; Hasidic: pertaining to the movement)

hermetically sealed: airtight

Himmler, Heinrich: (1900–1945) Reichsfüehrer-SS and Chief of German Police, a position which included supreme command over the Gestapo, the concentration camps, and the Waffen-SS. After 1943, Minister of the Interior of Nazi Germany; principal planner for the attempt of Nazi Germany to kill all European Jews.

Hitler, Adolf: (1889–1945) Führer of the National Socialist Movement (1921–1945); Reich Chancellor of Germany 1933–1945; Führer of the German Nation (1934–1945)

Horthy, Admiral Miklós: (1868–1957) Regent of Hungary, 1920–1944., In March 1944, the Germans occupied Hungary and forced Horthy to relinquish power to pro-German elements prepared to deport the Hungarian Jews. In October 1944, Horthy was overthrown in an SS-backed coup that brought to power the Arrow Cross (Nyilas), a Hungarian fascist movement.

invective: insulting or abusive language

Job: in the Old Testament, a man whose faith was severely tested by Satan, with God's permission. Figuratively, any long-suffering person can be said to be "as patient as Job." 

Hitler's Final Solution


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