Developed in collaboration with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and Hill and Wang, the publisher of Night.
achtung: German for "Attention!"

Aden: a former Middle Eastern British colony, now part of Yemen

anti-Semitism: hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious or ethnic minority group, often accompanied by social, economic, or political discrimination

Appelplatz (Appellplatz): German for roll call square

Aryan: in Nazi Germany, non-Jewish and non-Gypsy Caucasians. Northern Europeans with especially "Nordic" features such as blonde hair and blue eyes were considered by the so-called race scientists to be the most superior of Aryans, members of a "master race."

Auschwitz: the largest Nazi Concentration Camp complex, located 37 miles west of Kraków, Poland. The Auschwitz Main Camp (Auschwitz I) was established in 1940 as a concentration camp. In 1942, a killing center was established at Auschwitz-Birkenau (Auschwitz II). In 1941, Auschwitz-Monowitz (Auschwitz III) was established as a forced labor camp and included among its inmates prisoners who worked for the I.G. Farben synthetic rubber plant, called Buna Works. More than 100 subcamps and labor detachments were administratively connected to Auschwitz III.

automaton: an individual who acts in a mechanical fashion

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