Take the full tour of Carson's enthralling novel The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter. Make this your new read with exclusive discussion questions, character analyses, and insider information on the author to help you get the most out of this gem!

About the Book
Carson McCullers' stunning debut may be the smallest novel in the history of American Literature to make such a big splash. Learn more about this masterpiece.

Your Complete Reading Guide
Get discussion questions, summaries and quizzes for all three parts of the book!
Part One | Part Two | Part Three 

Get to Know the Characters
What do a 14-year-old-girl, a deaf mute, a carnie, an aging black doctor and a restaurant owner have in common? See how their lonely hearts intersect in a small Georgia mill town in the 1930s.

Carson McCullers' Literary Life
She truly was a "wunderkind"—an amazing, complicated, prolific, interesting writer who captured an important voice for her generation and today. Learn about her life and times.

About Southern Gothic
What do you get when you cross the sweeping drama of romance with the macabre isolation of small town life—and then throw in a touch of Southern whimsy? A collection of American literature absolutely unique in time, place and sentiment—Southern gothic.

Carson McCullers' Literary Crowd
She met and was friends with some of the greatest, most influential writers of her generation. Who were they and how strong were their relationships? Take a peek behind Carson's literary curtain.

More Works by Carson McCullers
She struck literary gold with her first novel at age 23. What did she write after that—and how was it similar to The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter? Discover McCuller's perfect little canon here.


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