Vagaries: erratic or unpredictable actions
"…a fond and unflagging tolerance for whitefolks' vagaries like that of a grandparent for unpredicatble and troublesome children…" (The Sound and the Fury, p. 87).

Victuals: food for human consumption
"…so I could get my mouth fixed where I could eat God's own victuals as a man should…" (As I Lay Dying, p. 37).

Vilyun: as in "villain"
"'You vilyun!' Disley said. 'What you done to him?'" (The Sound and the Fury, p. 316).

Volitional: with decisiveness, consciousnesses and intent
"For an instant it resists, as though volitional…" (As I Lay Dying, p. 97).

W.C.T.U.: Women's Christian Temperance Union, an organization dedicated to reducing or prohibiting the sale and consumption of alcohol
"You were obliging the W.C.T.U. then, I reckon" (The Sound and the Fury, p. 98).

Wattermilyuns: as in "watermelons"
"…Aint got no front porch to set on en watch de wattermilyuns growin…" (The Sound and the Fury, p. 190).

Wedge: a piece of material, thick at one edge and tapered to a thin edge for insertion into a narrow crevice
"I have seen him [Cash] spend an hour trimming out a wedge like it was glass he was working…" (As I Lay Dying, p. 87).

Widout: as in "without"
"'Dont you dare come in dis do widout a armful of wood,' she said" (The Sound and the Fury, p. 269).

Winder: as in "window"
"I aint stud'in dat winder" (The Sound and the Fury, p. 276).

Wistaria: variant of "wisteria," a climbing vine with large clusters of fragrant flowers
"Honeysuckle was the saddest odor of all, I think. I remember lots of them. Wistaria was one" (The Sound and the Fury, p. 169).

Withers: part of a horse between the shoulder blades
"They descend the hill in a series of spine-jolting jumps, Jewel high, leech-like on the withers…" (As I Lay Dying, p. 13).

Wop: a disparaging term for a person of Italian birth or descent
"What the hell do you mean anyway, straggling off here, fooling with these damn wops?" (The Sound and the Fury, p. 145).

"I thought maybe you were just another wop or something" (Light in August, p. 225).

Yaller: as in "yellow;" a slang term for an African-American with a sallow complexion
"Want dat yaller gal's / Pudden dont hide (Light in August, p. 228).

Yessum: as in "yes ma'am"
"'Yessum.' Caddy said" (The Sound and the Fury, p. 8).

Yistiddy: as in "yesterday"
"He said yistiddy he gwine out to St John's today" (The Sound and the Fury, p. 316).

Yit: as in "yet"
"Have you told her yit?" (As I Lay Dying, p. 45).

Yo: as in "your"
"Here I had to tote yo wood en build yo fire bofe." (The Sound and the Fury, p. 269).

Yonder: at an indicated place
"'Yonder,' Cash says, jerking his head toward the lane" (As I Lay Dying, p. 106).

Zinc:see Stove-zinc


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