Suttee: banned in India since the 19th century, the practice of a Hindu widow cremating herself on her husband's funeral pyre
"All dressed up and mooning around like the prologue to a suttee" (The Sound and the Fury, p. 101).

Tableau: a striking incidental scene, or a scene on stage when actors freeze and then resume action
"…they are like two figures carved for a tableau savage in the sun" (As I Lay Dying, p. 12 ).

Tagend: or "tag end"; the last part, a miscellaneous or random bit
"Or perhaps it was some sorry tagend of shame, as a while ago it had been pride" (Light in August, p. 432).

Taint: as in "it aint"
"'Taint none of my dress.' Versh said" (The Sound and the Fury, p. 18).

Tarnation: an expression of annoyance, derived from the expression "eternal damnation" or, possibly, from "entire nation"
"Why in the tarnation you put it on there" (As I Lay Dying, p. 224).

Tech: as in "touch"
"I aint gwine let him tech you" (The Sound and the Fury, p. 185).

Terrapin: an aquatic turtle
"Spoade was in the middle of them like a terrapin in a street full of scuttering dead leaves…" (The Sound and the Fury, p. 78).

Ti': as in tire
"Dis here ti' aint got no air a-tall in hit" (The Sound and the Fury, p. 305).

Tideflats: variant of "tidal flats," a nearly flat coastal area, alternately covered and exposed by the tides
"…I saw the last light supine and tranquil upon tideflats like pieces of broken mirror…" (The Sound and the Fury, p. 170).

Tight: difficult to deal with or get out of
"If you get in a tight, maybe some of them'll get here tomorrow and help you" (As I Lay Dying, p. 50).

Toddy: a hot alcoholic drink, often drunk by the sick
"You git in bed and I'll fix you a toddy and see kin you sleep" (The Sound and the Fury, p. 199).

Tole: as in "told" or "tell"
"Didn't I tole you not to leave dis place last night befo dat woodbox wus full to de top?" (The Sound and the Fury, p. 269).

Tongue-and-groove planking: wood used in a wall
"Then he emerged carrying a sawn section of tongue-and-groove planking" (The Sound and the Fury, p. 283).

Tooth-cropped: a coined phrase from the verb "crop," meaning to appear or occur unexpectedly, as in "crop up"—when Jewel's horse jerks its head back, it bares its teeth suddenly and unexpectedly (most would say "teeth flashing")
"[The horse's] head flashes back, tooth-cropped" (As I Lay Dying, p. 183).

"'Lay into it, you slaving bastards!' Brown said, in a merry, loud voice cropped with teeth" (Light in August, p. 45).

Tote: to haul, or a load or burden
"I told them that if they wanted it [Addie's coffin] to tote and ride on a balance, they would have to" (As I Lay Dying, p. 165)

"Here I had to tote yo wood en build yo fire bofe. Didn't I tole you not to leave dis place last night befo dat woodbox wus full to de top?" (The Sound and the Fury, p. 269).

Tother: as in "the other"
"…neither because it's one or tother… (As I Lay Dying, p. 234).

Trestle: a horizontal beam held up by two pairs of divergent legs and used as a support
"He [Cash] holds the two planks on the trestle…" (As I Lay Dying, p. 4).

Trifling: of little importance or value
"…clinging to some trifling animal to whom they [women] never were more than pack-horses" (As I Lay Dying, p. 45).

Troof: as in "truth"
"'Dat's de troof,' Versh said" (The Sound and the Fury, p. 115). Turgid: swollen
"She watches Cash stooping at the plank, the turgid savage gleam of the lantern slicking on the raincoat as he moves" (As I Lay Dying, p. 79).

Twarn't: as in "it wasn't"
"'Twarn't none o my business,' Luster said" (The Sound and the Fury, p. 286).

Twell: as in "until" or "till"
"Well, if I lives twell tonight…" (The Sound and the Fury, p. 231).

Ubiquitous: widespread, everywhere at the same time
"…he was always in or out of your room, ubuiquitous and garrulous…" (The Sound and the Fury, p. 97).

Uncle: a patronizing form of address for older black men
"'Hey, Uncle,' I said. 'Is this they way?'" (The Sound and the Fury, p. 87).

Uncurried: not groomed
"Looking like an uncurried horse dressed up…" (As I Lay Dying, p. 123).

Undressed: how Caddy describes buzzards eating a carcass
"'Dogs are dead.' Caddy said. 'And when Nancy fell in the ditch and Roskus shot her and the buzzards came and undressed her'" (The Sound and the Fury, p. 33).

Uninferant: without inference, with no hint of
"…so dreamlike so as to be uninferant of progress…" (As I Lay Dying, p. 108).

Unitarial: as in "Unitarian"
"There's a clock in the unitarial steeple" (The Sound and the Fury, p. 119).


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