Contrast Between the Palace and the Prison

 What makes the book so fascinating is the utter contrast between one world and the other.

Malika: That's why I say this experience changed [me] so completely. It's because I cannot believe in tomorrow. Because when you realize in a few seconds your life can change, completely change, and as you were on the top, you can be in the bottom of the prison. So I cannot trust in life, you know? I'm very careful.

Telling the Truth

Catherine: Malika, you talk about how you feel right now and that you're never completely free. But do you realize what an extraordinary effect you are having on so many people? And that you might have, actually, a destiny, you know, to communicate and to help others? That you could actually have a function in life that helps you transcend the terrible experiences you have lived?

Malika: Yes. It's a miracle for me. I wrote this book. And it was for me the chance to say the truth over the world. But when I say that, I don't feel really free because of my family. Because you realize after 25 years of suffering, they are really destroyed.

Having a Purpose

Malika: Now I'm free, but I am 47, and I'm asking myself who am I? Who can I be? Do I have enough time to do something?

Audrey: You were born to do this. You were born to tell this story. I'm sorry, you were born to tell people that the strength that so many people become dependent on from the outside is the strength we have inside. The one thing you talk about every day is Remembering Your Spirit.

Sarah: Your spirit is so incredibly strong to have come through this. You're so heroic.


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