Having trouble keeping track of the Berglunds' family, friends, co-workers, lovers and neighbors? Here is a quick, printable A-to-Z guide to help you remember who's who, how the characters know each other and where they fit into Jonathan Franzen's novel Freedom.

Walter Berglund
Husband of Patty; father of Jessica and Joey; best friend and college roommate of Richard Katz

Patty Berglund
Wife of Walter; mother of Jessica and Joey; daughter of Ray and Joyce Emerson

Jessica Berglund
Sister of Joey; oldest child of Patty and Walter

Joey Berglund
Brother of Jessica; youngest child of Patty and Walter


Abigail Emerson
Sister of Patty and Veronica; actress

Carol Monaghan's boyfriend

Brent Berglund
Youngest brother of Walter; in the military

Carol Monaghan
The Berglunds' next-door neighbor in St. Paul, Minnesota; single mother of Connie

Hall mate of Joey's at Charlottesville

Connie Monaghan
The Berglunds' next-door neighbor in St. Paul, Minnesota; daughter of Carol

Coyle Mathis
Forster Hollow landowner in Wyoming County, West Virginia

Edgar Emerson
Brother of Patty, Veronica and Abigail

Best friend of Patty in college

Dorothy Berglund
Wife of Gene; mother of Walter

Galina Emerson
Wife of Edgar

Gene Berglund
Husband of Dorothy; father of Walter

Father of Jonathan and Jenna; husband of Tamara; founder and luminary president of a conservative think tank

Older sister of Jonathan

Jocelyn Zorn
Environmental activist

Roommate of Joey's at Charlottesville from NoVa (Northern Virginia)

Joyce Emerson
Wife of Ray; mother of Patty; state assemblywoman

Kenny Bartles
Boss of Joey at RISEN (Restore Iraqi Secular Enterprise Now)

Assistant to Walter Berglund

Linda Hoffbauer
Walter's neighbor in Canterbridge Estates

Merrie Paulsen
Neighbor of the Berglunds on Barrier Street in St. Paul, Minnesota; wife of Seth

Mitch Berglund
Older brother of Walter

Ray Emerson 
Husband of Joyce; father of Patty; a lawyer

Richard Katz
Musician; best friend and college roommate of Walter

Seth Paulsen
Neighbor of the Berglunds on Barrier Street in St. Paul, Minnesota; married to Merrie

Mother of Jonathan and Jenna; wife of Howard

Youngest sister of Patty and Abigail

Vin Haven
Boss of Walter Berglund; megamillionaire and founder of Cerulean Mountain Trust

Son of one of Richard Katz's clients; high school senior; hipster-in-training

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