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For when you're up late at night consumed with regret for all the bad decisions you've made
You may have shown bad judgment on occasion, but...have you ever held up a liquor store? To give yourself perspective on your woes, escape into Elmore Leonard's entertaining novel, Swag, and steep yourself in the escapades of Leonard's unlucky but optimistic hold-up artists, Frank and Ernest (aka Stick). Frank and Stick meet in Detroit in the 1970's, when Stick steals a used car from the dealership where Frank works. After Frank decides to let him get away with it, the two men embark on a small-time crime spree, using their stolen loot to host pool parties with ladies in their apartment complex. They have an absolutely wonderful time, until they get caught. Feeling affection for these misguided men, you'll come to see that your own (noncriminal) slip-ups are not so terrible; they're just a natural part of the human comedy.