Three generations, two love triangles, one timeless story. East of Eden is an epic novel full of good and evil, love and hatred, failure and redemption.

About the Book
First published in 1952, John Steinbeck's best-seller East of Eden has never gone out of print. Find out why he wrote this novel for his sons.

Get to Know John Steinbeck
What makes John Steinbeck so fascinating? His quirky personality? His unique world view? Discover the man behind the book Oprah says might be the best novel she's ever read!

All in the Family
East of Eden is a novel of about three generations of two families who touch one another's lives. Meet the characters Steinbeck based on his real-life relatives and their fictional counterparts.
The Hamiltons | The Trasks | Fact vs. Fiction | The women of East of Eden

Good vs. Evil 
This classic struggle is the central force of the novel. Learn more about its Biblical roots.
The Story of Cain and Abel | Timshel: Man's Ability to Choose

An Interview with Thom Steinbeck
Learn about John Steinbeck—the man, the writer, the father—through his son Thom's eyes.

The Salinas Valley
John Steinbeck once called East of Eden "a sort of autobiography of the Salinas Valley." Learn about the California landscape that served as an endless source of inspiration for Steinbeck.

More Works by John Steinbeck
Of John Steinbeck's thirty-four works, most are still in print, and his most popular works sell more than 700,000 copies every year. Together, they represent a positive, spirited, vivid, honest portrait of America in from the WWI through the Vietnam War. Browse his bookshelf.


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