“He turned to thanksgiving, and remembered, with profound awareness, that he had great cause for thanksgiving, and for many things. Why was it given to one man to have his pain transmuted into gladness? Why was it given to one man to have such an awareness of God? And might not another, having no such awareness, live with pain that never ended? Why was there a compulsion upon him to pray for the restoration of Ndotsheni, and why was there a white man there on the tops, to do in this valley what no other could have done? And why of all men, the father of the man who had been murdered by his son? … But his mind would contain it no longer. It was not for mans knowing. He put it from his mind, for it was a secret” (p 309).

For the beloved country of South Africa, and for each of us on this Thanksgiving, let the secrets and the miracles abound.

— Oprah


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