Funnyman Neil Patrick Harris seems to be everywhere these days, hosting awards shows and starring as the charming-yet-egomaniacal Barney on the CBS hit How I Met Your Mother. We talked with Harris and found out that not only is he as funny as the character he plays, he's also just a kid at heart.

KF: We read that one of your favorite books is Bridge to Terabithia.

NPH: Love.

KF: What are some other books that have kind of crept into your top 5 over the years?

NPH: When I was growing up, we were big Roald Dahl fans, so we read James and the Giant Peach, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Great Glass Elevator, just loved those. I'm a big fan of A Confederacy of Dunces, very funny book.

KF: Do you lean more toward humor, drama, mystery, fiction?

NPH: I'm kind of all over the place. Right now, I'm reading a book called Street Gang, which is a biography of the creation of Sesame Street and the Children's Television Workshop, which I find wildly fascinating. I'm a big Jim Henson guy.

KF: I just watched you in "Shoe Fairy" on last night.

What does Harris think about fellow magician Harry Potter?


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