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Because digital bells and whistles make this page-turner even more compelling.

Night Film

By Marisha Pessl
640 pages; Random House

Most of us use the notes function on our e-readers to remember favorite lines or to increase the text size to save our eyes. But Marisha Pessl's no-holds-barred novel about Scott McGrath—an investigative journalist who accuses a reclusive horror-movie director of inspiring others to commit murder—becomes even more compelling if you use its digital features. Accused of slander, McGrath almost stops his research into the director's life, but changes his mind when the man's daughter shows up dead in a warehouse. And so the mystery begins. E-reading allows you to zoom in on the fine print of the newspaper articles that move the plot forward and brighten the screen to make out details (read: clues!) in the dark, moody photos—both of which are much harder to decipher in the print version. In addition, for those whose devices can download apps, the Night Film Decoder app (available at NightFilmDecoder.com) allows readers to unlock more content, including audio and new images, throughout the book.